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    Tennis Court Allocation

    We strive to make the courts widely available to all members of the community to enjoy a game of tennis at any level!

    As we are a non-profit making sports club all members do their best to ensure courts are well kept and available to you. The Committee wish you thank you for your co-operation in respecting the club and the courts at all times.

    If you are a current paid up member: simply book your court in advance (to be sure of a court) and come and play. Your gate key allows you assess to the courts.
    How to book? Write your name and time you wish to play in the court booking diary.

    Where is the court booking diary? Inside a green box by the front door to clubhouse.

    If you are not a member: Ring the club mobile 086 3360747 between 2pm and 8pm and make a booking over the phone in advance. The member on call will put your name and time in the court booking diary. Court will be opened for you. Come and play on your stated day and time.

    Please note the following:

    If you cannot make it at the given date and time, you MUST ring to inform us.

    Non-members must pay per hour to play. 6 for adults, 4 for juniors (under 18).
    Give the money to club person who has given you assess or if nobody is available, put money in an envelope with your name and date marked on it and put into the post box on gate or in basket on windowsill in clubhouse.

    Block booking:
    Block booking is not allowed.
    Only one court may be booked for one hour by non-members.
    Members may book for 2 hours at a time.
    Booking must be on the hour.
    No bookings more than 2 weeks in advance for members and one week in advance for non-members.

    Locking up:
    Please ensure the clubhouse door is locked and the gate is properly padlocked if you are the last to leave

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