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    Letterkenny Tennis Club

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    Still time to get your entries in!
    Entry Deadline Extended until 6pm on THURSDAY 13th AUGUST 2015
    Head over to enter

    REGISTRATION OPEN: 2015 Letterkenny Open Tennis Tournament

    17 - 23 August - Register Today - Online Booking - Click HERE

    It's that time, a great tournament opportunity for one and all. Online registration open now.
    Letterkenny Tennis Open 16 - 23 August


    Thank you Everyone: 2015 Tennis Open Day was a Great Success

    2015 open daynit

    Enter Kids Tennis Doodle Competition: NOW OPEN

    Want to show off your drawing talent and win great prizes? Have a great idea?
    Submit your drawing today! Email to competition@letterkennytennisclub.com.
    Enter online, enter at the club, enter at your school
    Enter as often as you like.

    Letterkenny Youth Tennis is On the Move

    Congratulations: Alex 

    Alex is No 26th in Ireland for his first year in the U14 age group! and No 11 in Ulster. Way to go Alex.

    Congratulations: Letterkenny Juniors

     Letterkenny juniors participating the the Omagh Lawn Tennis Club Easter Junior Tournament. Great Stuff.


    Security Fob

    Members Security Update

    Member Fobs will now control court and clubhouse access. Fobs to paid up members will be given out at clubhouse 2,3 May 2015. More details in Members email..

    Top 10 health benefits of playing tennis[Woman playing tennis]A spot of tennis is a fantastic way to burn calories so, with other benefits to your overall health too, why wait until Wimbledon?

    1. Tennis is a whole-body workout

    Unlike some sports, playing tennis is a brilliant workout for the entire body. “You use your lower body for all that running, stopping and starting, jumping and crouching,” says Arran Peck, strength and conditioning coach for the Lawn Tennis Association.

    “And the action of hitting the tennis ball, whether it’s single or double-handed, means that your trunk does a lot of work as well, in particular your shoulders and upper back.”

    2. It’s a great calorie burner

    You’ll burn more calories depending on how much running you do, but on average, an amateur player will burn around 300 calories in 30 minutes of play, says Arran. “If you’re looking to lose weight, make sure you include some rallying. This burns more calories than serving and returning as you’re moving around the court more and resting far less.”

    3. You’ll improve your coordination and balance

    Whether you’re a child or an adult, hitting a ball with a racquet will build and also hone your hand-eye coordination, and recovering your step after a burst of speed works on your balance.

    Tennis also involves thinking ahead so you can get back into position to return the ball, while being aware of where you and your opponent are standing. This means it improves your proprioception – or in other words, your sense of your body’s movements. 

    4. It will make you run faster

    Tennis involves quick-fire changes of direction at top speed as you race around the court to return serves and volleys. This requires 300 to 500 bursts of energy per match, according to researchers. And you’ll run the equivalent of three to five miles. The effect? Playing tennis is a great way to speed up your sprinting and work on your endurance.

    5. It lowers your risk of diabetes and heart disease

    Playing tennis regularly improves your heart and lung health, and cuts your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. 

    6. You can play it as often as you like

    Tennis isn’t a contact sport, so you can play it regularly. For example, elite level players train six days a week.

    7.  It’s brilliant for your brain

    Tennis boosts brain health because you need to stay focused, devise strategy and make split-second decisions. “On each point, you need to decide whether to go for that low ball or to leave it,” says Arran. And the in-built break after each point means that when playing tennis, you get the chance to plan a strategy based on what you think your player’s next moves will be.

    Researchers say that a combination of the focus, tactical thinking and physical challenge of tennis helps produce new blood vessels to the brain and also grow new brain cells. 

    8. You don’t need to commit to regular matches to get started

    Just join in with the tennis version of an aerobics class instead. It’s called Cardio Tennis and is run on tennis courts by the Lawn Tennis Association – and rather than playing a game, it’s all about burning calories and getting fit, while hitting a ball. Visitwww.lta.org.uk for more information.

    If you would like to play a game, but are new to tennis or want to hone your skills, tryTennis Xpress which uses slower-moving balls so you can learn the skills and improve your technique.

    9. The stop-start nature of tennis is good for you

    Those rests while waiting for your player to serve are more than just a chance to catch a breather. “The breaks allow your body to recover its readily available stores of energy and to refocus and concentrate on the next point,” says Arran.

    10. It will improve your mood

    Tennis players are more optimistic, have greater self-esteem and are less anxious, angry and depressed than people who play other sports or are sedentary, according to scientists in Connecticut. 

    Happy new year to you all......in case you did not know the access points for club have changed.

    Kids and adult coaching sessions are starting this week january 5th. contact gerry for details on 0863809398.

    Congratulations to Paul Laverty and Elvira Custodio on winning the winter Social Mixed Doubles Tournament following this weekends Finals Play off. Runners up were Sheila and Ryan Mortimor. Thanks to all 46 players that took part over the last few months.


    The Mixed Doubles League Finals were played 6th December, 2014 -  congratulations.



    'After a few tense days waiting for official notice we can confirm that the St.Eunans Boys u14 tennis team have topped their group and advance to the quaterfinals of the Ulster Schools Junior Cup. This a great achievement for the school and the boys involved in their first year ever participating in the cup.George Blaney,Senan Cullinane,Conor Clarke and Conor Farrell are all junior members of Letterkenny Tennis Club and we wish them well in their quest for glory.......'



    'A big thank you to all those who came along to the club yesterday for the annual open day and made it so enjoyable. we would like to welcome our new members and hope that they get to play lots of tennis this year. if you missed the day please visit letterkennytennisclub.com for updates and more information'
    Letterkenny Tennis Club online booking system trials have begun! Between February and June, 2014 the entire club will be using the online system and feeding back to the sub-committee contacts for the trials. A selection of members have volunteered and/or been volunteered to test additional systems to the trial system above to compare and contrast features and designs. At the end of the trials, the feedback from all will drive which system is selected going forward. As with any change, there will be any number of unforeseen conflicts, which we will work through as a club, and we thank you in advance for your patience as these occur.

    Letterkenny Tennis Club is the largest Tennis Club in Donegal. We offer Coaching classes, tournaments and tennis courts and equipment for hire. Feel free to call in and see what we have to offer, new faces are always very welcome!
    We take this oppertunity to wish all our members a happy new year. We hope your new year resolution includes playing more tennis!
     There is plenty going on in the club with ladies social tennis on Monday and Friday mornings at 10.30am. There is also mens social tennis on Tuesday nights at 7pm and mixed social tennis on Thursdays at 8pm. All player levels are invited to join in.

    You can contact the Club via the 'contact us' section of this site or call the club phone 0863360747 or club coach Gerry on 0863809398 for further info.

     Childrens and adult beginners coaching sessions begin again week beginning Jan 9th for 8 weeks.Please text Gerry on 0863809398 to register or go to the coaching page for more details.

    The Club has invested in a Tutor Ball Machine and it can be hired by Adults Members at a cost of €10 per hour. Members can also get coaching with the ball machine for €25 per hour. For further information on the ball machine and hire contact Gerry on 0863809398

    Click to connect! Click the Facebook button to connect with us!





    Club plans for 2013

    The club along with the council hope to secure the expanded club area and develop the member's car park.

    The club hope to complete the development of the playground area into a childrens/beginners playing and coaching area.
    On the playing front the club will continue to participate in the Northwest leagues for A and B players and a new initiative is to have regular C matches with Butt Hall Tennis Club. Please see club notice board for details. If you are interested in playing on a club team please contact the team captain
    Mary Barry continues to run Ladies Mornings on Mondays and Fridays at 10.30am and Mens social tennis is at 7pm on Tuesdays. There is Social mixed tennis on Thursdays at 8pm. All Members are welcome to these events regardless of your level of play. Remember it is YOUR club and you are encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of the Club activities.
    Club Coaching continues from  Monday the 6th of February and is available to all from age 5 and upwards. Please visit the coaching page for programme or contact Gerry on 0863809398 for more Details.
    Following the Success of the last few years the C lub hopes to host the NorthWest Singles and Doubles Open Championships in late August. There will be other occasional inhouse competitions including underage throughout the year, please keep an eye on the club notice board and website.
    Finally, please feel free to offer any suggestions to any member of the committee on any aspect of club activities as this club belongs to all of YOU....we all have something to offer.

    Following the Club AGM in November the following positions were filled for the year 2014:

    Chairperson - Jim Farrell
    ViceChairperson - Steven Gallagher
    Secretary - Liz Birney
    Assistant Secretary - Orla Callaghan
    Treasurer - Frances Love
    Assistant Treasurer - Mary Barry
    P.R.O - Mark Wylam
    Development Officer - Gerry Clarke
    Child Protection Officer - Maria McKenna Clarke
    Childrens Welfare Officer- Aiden Campbell
    Mens Captain - Tony Blake
    Ladies Captain - Mary Carr

    We wish them well in the coming year.



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